Tuesday: Talk to an Elected Representative

Welcome to Take-Action Tuesday, the day where we encourage you to take action in your community. Today we are talking about the importance of communicating with your elected representatives.

The House and the Senate are taking a two week break from Washington D.C.  These breaks are intended for Congressmen to return to their districts to spend time at home AND also to take time to talk with their constituents—that’s you.  As April is Earth Month, why not take time today and contact your Representative and Senator and talk to them about why protecting the environment is so important.

What should you talk about?  First, everyone likes to hear something good.  So if they’ve done something good for the environment lately, say “Thank you.”  Then, tell them your story….why you care so deeply about the environment and why it is important to where you live.  Do you live near the Gulf or an ocean and love to go to the beach?  Tell them how important it is to keep the beaches clean from oil and trash.  Do you love to eat Gulf seafood?  Tell them about how important it is to make sure the waters are clean so seafood is safe to eat.  Do you love to go to your local river and swim, kayak or inner-tube (something I loved to do as a kid)?  Tell your Congressmen why it is so important to protect our stormwater systems so trash on the road doesn’t turn into trash in our rivers.

Hearing from constituents is very important to our leaders.  You need to let them know that you are paying attention to how they are working to protect the environment.  Some people will tell you to let your voice be heard in November on Election Day.  But the truth is, your voice can and should be heard every day of the year.  So take time on this “Take Action Tuesday” to make your voice heard and contact your representative!

Also, check out the link below to view Mobile Baykeeper’s letter-writing guide if you would prefer to communicate with your representatives in writing. http://mobilebaykeeper.org/letter-writing-guide