Saturday: Buy One Thing Organic

Many of us at Mobile Baykeeper strive to buy local or organic foods, and we know that many of you do too. We also know that buying organic food expensive. In some places a gallon of organic milk is twice the price of conventionally-produced milk. We’re going to share a few reasons that we shop organic, and then we’re going to challenge you to start integrating organic food into your household by starting with one thing.

(1) Healthier for you. Eating organic produce lessens your consumption of pesticide and herbicide residues, while organic dairy and animal products are free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Many sources also indicate that organic produce, meats, dairy, and eggs are more nutritious and contain higher levels of healthy fats, nutrients, and antioxidants. Read more about this here.

(2) Healthier for livestock. Livestock and poultry that are raised organically (including their dairy and eggs) are not given growth hormones and preventative antibiotics, and generally it means they are raised in more humane conditions.

(3) Healthier for the environment. Organic production uses alternative methods for weed and pest control, which means fewer harmful chemicals entering into the environment. Every chemical that is sprayed on agricultural fields has the potential to run off into our waterways. The fewer harmful chemicals used, the less impact our food production has on the environment.

Again, we know that there are countless reasons to eat organic; the higher price is the biggest thing standing in the way. So instead of asking you to start buying everything organic, we’re challenging you to start buying just one thing organic. Maybe that means buying organic milk or organic strawberries from now on. We have some articles below that can help guide your decision of the produce and food items that are most important to buy organic. Let us know what you decide to start buying organic! We want to hear from you!

Happy shopping! Together we can make a difference!

Some guides for shopping organic:

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods To Buy Organic

What Foods Should You Buy Organic?

Why Buy Organic Dairy Products?


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