Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you for the nomination!

Intergenerational nominated Make-A-Difference Month for a Versatile Blogging Award! Thank you so much!! Following VBA Rules, here are 15 (or so) blogs that we have come across, as well as 7 things about the editor of Make-A-Difference Month (me!).

Awesome Blogs to Check Out

(1) “My Botanical Garden” has already been nominated, but it is worth checking out this blog to read about what Tamara is up to! I love the pictures and the scientific information about the plants she features. Thank you again for the nomination, for being such a great and constant reader, and for doing your part to make a difference!

(2) The Maya Guesthouse – This is an awesome project in Switzerland to a super eco-friendly, sustainable, and fully functional hotel. Check out their progress, they are uploading new photos and information all the time!

(3) The Jolly Good News – I love the sentiment of this blog; there is so much negative and troubling news out there, but there are also great things happening around the world every day. Whether it’s a medical innovation, a restaurant being nominated best in town, or exciting environmental news, there is always something to celebrate. I recommend subscribing to this blog so there are at least a few rays of sunshine in you email inbox every day, regardless of what else is going on in your world.

(4) The Frog Blog – The Rainforest Alliance posts about two things that I think are really important: (1) environmental education efforts in the US and around the world, and (2) a compilation of global environmental news. They share some really cool lessons/ideas for teaching about sustainability and personal impact on the environment, and it is great to have a weekly list of resources/articles to keep up-to-date with important developments, technologies, and information in the environmental world. Thanks for all you do, Rainforest Alliance!

(5) Greener Heights – I must admit that I have not spent as much time reading this blog as I would like, but I am so glad to have found this resource about green roofs! I am proud to be an alum of a college with a green roof on the science building, and am also excited to learn more about how green roofs work in general. Maybe one day I’ll work somewhere with a green roof — maybe I’ll help them get a green roof! Thanks for this!

(6) Confessions from a Novice Gardener – Blog posts are short, sweet, and often consist of beautiful photographs of flowers, plants, and the stages of gardening. It’s wonderful living vicariously through someone else as I don’t currently have my own backyard garden to maintain.

(7) Book It – This blog is my inspiration to keep reading, widely and often. KatieO posts at least one book review a week. Even though most of them won’t make my reading list (there are too many books and just not enough time!) I really appreciate knowing what’s out there and getting an idea of what sort of books might appeal to me. Thanks, KatieO!

7 Things About Me

(1) I ate a mango for breakfast this morning – it was delightful.

(2) I am thrilled with the VBA Nomination!

(3) I feel guilty for not posting this sooner, as I was nominated several days ago.

(4) I may be taking a trip to New Orleans this weekend, because my dad and his best friend may be spontaneously flying down to visit!

(5) I am currently charging my cell phone with solar power!

(6) I have two tomato plants, a basil plant, and a mint plant that I am planning to transport to the office in the next few weeks so I can grow fresh vegetables and herbs on our balcony.

(7) I am excited that people are still reading Make-A-Difference Month blog posts even though the Month is officially over.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Make-A-Difference Month a success, and thank you to all the bloggers out there who are making a difference in their own ways, whether it’s gardening, sharing good information, or simply spreading the good news. Together we are making a difference!

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