About Mobile Baykeeper

Mobile Baykeeper’s mission is to provide citizens a means to protect the beauty, health and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed, Alabama’s waterways and coastal communities. We are located in Mobile, AL, although we are a state-wide organization, working with community leaders, elected officials, government agencies, and other non-profit, non-governmental organizations on a local, state, and regional level.

We protect the Mobile Bay Watershed by:

  • Identifying problems and finding creative solutions;
  • Educating the community on environmental issues and how to take action;
  • Builing partnerships with diverse groups to obtain the best results.


Since April 2010, much of our work has been related to recovery and restoration following the Deepwater Horizon blow out and oil spill. Partnering with organizations across the Gulf Coast we have been doing our best to make sure that our coastal communities and irreplaceable coastal resources are restored and enhanced. Our other issues include stormwater, wastewater management, industrial pollution, policy reform, advocacy for our communities, and outreach and education.


We believe in working in partnership. We are involved in over 11 local, statewide, and regional partnerships in our work on all of the issues above. To learn more about our partnerships and the work we do, please visit http://www.MobileBaykeeper.org.


In March 2012, Mobile Baykeeper celebrated its 15th anniversary of working for clean water, clean air, and healthy communities in the Mobile Bay Watershed. With 15 years of successful work behind us, we are looking forward to 15 more years of progress.

For more information about Mobile Baykeeper, visit http://www.MobileBaykeeper.org or find us on Facebook.


One thought on “About Mobile Baykeeper

  1. You have a great mission.I work on a much lesser scale as you do, I managed to establish a group of senior garden volunteers in Botanical garden Ljubljana.Their work there is important not only for they are the only organised group of volunteers in BG, or because they offer their free time to the garden and community, but mostly for they learn in the garden and spread their knowledge in their families, neighborhoods or at workshops in BG.For I believe only knowledge will prevent us from becoming ignorant……

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