Where Does Your Electricity Go When You’re Not Home?

Most people have heard of “phantom watts” – the electricity that is consumed when an appliance or phone charger is left plugged in while it is not in use. Although minimal, this extra electricity does add up.  Mother Jones recently published an article about the 6 electronic devices in your home that zap the most electricity when you’re not using them. While it might be a hassle to go around unplugging everything before work in the morning,  remembering to “unplug” before you leave for a long weekend can help save energy–and save you a few dollars off your electricity bill! View the full article here.

(1) Cable boxes.

(2) Computers.

(3) Televisions.

(4) Audio/visual equipment, like DVD players, iHomes, home theaters.

(5) Game consoles.

(6) Digital picture frames.

Simple Homemade also has some great tips for conserving energy at home, check them out here! What are some ways you conserve energy around the house?

Remember to unplug and plan ahead. Every little bit makes a difference, and it all starts with you!